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Grades 3 app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1888 ratings )
Productivity Education
Developer: Tapity, Inc.
Current version: 3.04, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Apr 2011
App size: 10.17 Mb


-- Apple Design Award winner! --
Grades 3 is the ultimate app for students, putting everything you need for your courses in one place.


--A planner you will actually use--
Quickly see all your upcoming due dates and tests for the next couple weeks. Taste the joy of blissful organization.

Never miss a group study or test again with automatic reminders for all to-dos and assignments. Yeah, bubba, this one is for you.

--Groups and Class Info--
Send group texts and emails right from the app. Yes, and if you really, really wanted to, you can call your professor too.

The Notes app is great but why not keep all your notes for each class in one place? Star important paragraphs to review later.

See what you need to get on your next test to get the grade you want in your class. And weve got a GPA calculator as the cherry on top.

Pros and cons of Grades 3 app for iPhone and iPad

Grades 3 app good for

Great app! Wish there was an option to change what each grade is worth for the GPA calculator (my school is on 10 and not 4). Thats the only thing missing for 5 stars. Keep up the great work!
I used to have to calculate this myself.. Not that Im lazy but a lot of my friends made me calculate theirs too.. Now I can just give them my phone and they can do it themselves :)
This app is so great to have. I usually do it right on the syllabus, but this way, you can consciously have it all in one easy to find place. To add, the creator is very quick to fix any issues that are going wrong with this app- great job!!! Recommend to all!!!
So far I really love this app! All the updates said in the description sound great. I have a small problem tho; I cant seem to write my gpa right. It doesnt let me put the decimal, it rounds up to 3. Is it normal it only offers a comma instead of a period?
This app is the best thing I have gotten in terms of school stuff! Being busy with university I hate having to constantly be calculating what I should be putting as a target and this app does that for me! Its a really good way to keep track of everything and make sure that I dont forget my goals academically!
Handy for keeping track of my marks, especially for classes that are more complex than 2 tests and a final. Only problem is that my schools GPA scale goes up to 4.5 not 4.3 and theres no way to change that... Also there have been a few random crashes as well

Some bad moments

It wont even let me open it more than three seconds. Ive deleted it and downloaded it again twice now... Im sure its a great app except I cant use it, so it stays at a one star app for me! Please fix it!!!!
Passable. The design was interesting but rapidly became overbearing. Functionality wise is a mixed bag, and grades are all factional. Didnt last long to me, as it wasnt much better than a pen and pencil.
This was by far the best grades app in the store. Worth the purchase, kept me on track. Its a bit tedious to set up at the beginning of the year but afterwards its SUCH a good tool. HOWEVER, I accidentally pressed UPDATE and now NOTHING works. This is stressful as it IS midterm season. PLEASE fix!! Its pretty much the only thing to keep me on track.
i use iphone 4. after the update, i cannot select the term(fall 2013). i try to pull the screen up to select but it wont let me. useless. deleted the app.
The To Do List is going by day of the week rather than calendar date, for instance I had a paper due today and Ive got a paper due 2 weeks from today but the app was telling me both were due today. Double checked the date and its correct. Worse than that the notifications arent popping up, I checked my setting and theyre good and its not happening to any other apps. Means this app is essentially just a grade calculator now and I can do that by myself.
This app looks really great. And it looks like it has everything that one could possibly need to figure out ones GPA. The issue is that, like so many other apps in the iTunes Store, I have to figure out the point spread myself. And frankly, if I am going to do that, I will just use an Excel spreadsheet. That way I can enter ran how many points I got and the weight so that I can figure out the grade. It would be much quicker then entering it into this one. Frankly, if all I need to do is keep up with my assignments, this would be fine. But since Im more concerned with my grade, it just is a disappointment.

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